Store Locator for Wordpress

Wordpress is a CMS (Content Management System) used by more than 60 million people all over the world to create beautiful websites and especially blogs.

Let's say you have a website powered by Wordpress and you need a store locator. Don't worry, Awesome Store Locator's got you covered. See these quick and easy steps on how to install your Awesome Store Locator for Wordpress.

Step 1 - Create a page

Your store locator needs a page to live on - let's create one. First you need to login to your WP Admin. On your dashboard, select Pages and click on Add New.

Store Locator Wordpress - Step 1
Step 1 - Create a page in Wordpress
Store Locator Wordpress - Step 1
Step 1 - Create a page in Wordpress

Step 2 - Edit your page

Every page needs a title - enter something super-cool such as Awesome Store Locator (just kidding, name your page anything you like). After that, you can add some content (intro text, images, videos).

Store Locator Wordpress - Step 2
Step 2 - Set your page's title and content

Step 3 - Add Awesome Store Locator's Widget code

Okay, now login to Awesome Store Locator, choose your locator and grab the Widget code (copy to clipboard).

Store Locator Wordpress - Step 3
Step 3 - Grab locator widget code ...

Now return to your Wordpress admin where you were editing your page and click on Text on the right side. This switches from Visual mode to Text mode. Once in Text mode, paste the Widget code.

After you're happy with how your page looks, click Publish.

Store Locator Wordpress - Step 3 continued
Step 3 continued - ... and paste it into your WP page

Step 4 - Enjoy your Store Locator

Good job, you deserve a beer or a candy bar or both. Your page should now include the Store Locator.

Store Locator Wordpress - Step 4
Step 4 - Great success

As always, if you have any questions, please email us at support at awesome store locator dot com

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